The work on the sun room is finally almost done. custodia glitter a5 samsung 2017 All that is left to do is some touch up stuff like getting vent covers, finishing the thresholds, some paint on the french doors, window treatments, getting a good rug, and the finding the right end tales. custodia samsung s9 plus rigida Not much left to do huh?

After installing the wood floors I think I may leave the rest of the undone floors in the house to the trained professionals. custodia samsung sm j530f Apparently I had repressed the bad memories of doing the 1000 sq. custodia samsung galaxy a3 2015 ragazza farfalle fiori gatto ft. of flooring on the main level we did almost two years ago. samsung s9 plus custodia originale This room was only 200 sq. custodia bumper samsung s8 ft. but the constant routine of get down, hammer in, get up, staple down, select next piece and repeat gets quite maddening. It is exacerbated by the 6 month old project foreman who only cares about having clean diapers, a full belly and regular naps.

Speaking of the project foreman, big thanks to my mom for coming up to baby sit for a weekend, allowing us to finish the floors and to go have dinner out two nights in a row!

We are pleased with how things turned out. We replaced the futon with a nice new couch, complete with motorized recliner. Since this will be our main “living room” we have to make it as comfy as possible right?

Another item of the major project list. Remaining on that list are the kitchen reno, master suite, and back deck. custodia samsung s6 edge plus originale oro I look forward to the day when this house is finished and they can bury me in the back yard because its probably going to kill me.

One thought on “New Sunroom

  • December 16, 2011 at 9:03 am

    I appreciate the kind words. However, your Mom will be in her car on the way to Atlanta within 10 minutes of anytime you invite me to come babysit. The most wonderful little girl in the whole world owns my heart!!!

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