I was fortunate enough to grow up as a relatively healthy kid. I think I may have had perfect attendance in the 3rd grade or so but even at worst I only missed a few days of school a year due to sickness. It was also hard to miss school when your mom is a nurse and had three criteria to meet:

1) bucket of blood.
2) bucket of puke.
3) bone protruding from the skin.

Luckily these rules were indeed somewhat flexible and I was able to get some needed recovery at home by only partially fulfilling rule 2 whenever I was truly sick.

Skip forward to the days where I have two kids in daycare ages 2 and 1. Someone is always sick in this house. If everyone is well, enjoy it because it only lasts for a few days. Last week poor Leah had a fever of 102 plus change on Wed night. She got to stay home with her dad on Thur and Fri while she was one the mend. Luckily for my employment status, she slept most of the time and I was still able to get my work done. I did spend a little bit of time trying to make her into a Junior Software Engineer but I think there might be some time to go before she fully grasps object oriented programming.

Now Lara came home from work today with a fever and is showing symptoms along the lines of what Leah had last week. It took Leah about 4 days to completely shake here fever, let’s hope Lara can do better and doesn’t have to miss out on any work.

Natalie has been a big help lately with taking care of Leah but at hte same time LEah is becoming harder to handle so it all evens out. Just for giggles, here they are playing with each other this week:


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