I realized that I maybe missing out on tracking some cool stuff that years from now might be pretty neat to look back on. Lets face it, years back when this thing started I don’t think Facebook was available to the masses and being about to post words and pictures to the internet wasn’t something everyone could easily do from their smart phone. These days I can take a pic and post it to a number of websites in a matter of seconds from my phone. samsung tab a custodia It makes it seems silly to spend the 20 minutes or so it takes to upload pics to the server and go through the process of creating a gallery to put on here. That’s another matter altogether too. custodia samsung s9 plus disney When I was heavily using this blog, I had lots of time to tinker around with the inner working of WordPress and would make some customizations that needed lots of maintenance as WordPress evolved. custodia samsung j5 2017 acqua As I become an older and more crotchety software developer, I realize that when other people are writing maintainable code for you, just take advantage of it instead of trying to brew your own.

Trying to get back on track, I also realized that I have no idea what Facebook or others will be doing with my personal stuff in the future so I am going to make a better effort to record some of the major stuff going on in our world on a weekly or so basis. custodia tab samsung s2 9 7 Don’t expect any kind of long winded, daily posts with huge photo galleries. I am thinking more like a few random thoughts and a few pics that I can look back on years from now and be reminded of. custodia a7 2017 samsung

So whats been going on in the past year and a half? Well, I had jury duty for the first time last week. Didn’t get picked for a jury but it was still interesting to look behind the curtain a little. I actually hope that one day I get to sit on a jury of an interesting trial, like a good felony instead of the boring civil cases where people are suing their insurance companies. custodia tablet samsung 9 6 Lara also started a new job last week, leaving her old gig after 9+ years. Natalie is about to turn 3 and Leah Grace Hutson was born on January 10th, 2012.

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